The Spaces at Crimson Anisha Global School inspire creativity and holistic growth.
Students in CAG schools in Wakad


A school doesn’t simply facilitate learning, but
encourages the spirit of adventure and engages
the senses. The building is designed to aid the
students’ physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual growth. Our holistic model further offers global- standard education to generate students who have a balanced outlook, a strong sense of self and a deep understanding of the world. Our campuses are spread over 2.5 to 7 acres across different schools with 50+ classrooms and state- of-the-art facilities to create multiple learning opportunities.

Indoor Auditorium

Academic excellence isn’t enough if you want your child to succeed in today’s competitive world which is why at CAGS, students can choose Performing Arts as part of their education. The acoustics of this area have also been planned in a way that ensures this area serves as an excellent venue for school concerts and plays.
CAGS School Building

Outdoor Sports Arena

AT CAGS we provide every student with the experience and opportunity of playing competitive sports during their time with us. Sports are great for developing teamwork which is a life skill that will stay with them for all their future endeavours. Our children through sports learn to win with class and lose with dignity, preparing themfor whatever life may throw at them in years to come.