Our Learning Spaces

CAGS has invested in a world-class educational Infrastructure with top-notch facilities that ensure the best for our students, which is why they thrive in a healthy learning environment. Our campus, amenities, and specific rooms are all designed to help our students learn more effectively.

Creative Expression Room

Arts are thought to be an important aspect of a
comprehensive education since they encourage imagination and creativity. Students in Pre-primary through Grade Eight attend regular art sessions, after which they can elect to take the Arts for their Grade Ten exams.

The Bookworms Den

The library has a large collection of instructional materials as well as excellent learning and research tools, encouraging students to become lifelong learners. Newspapers and magazines, as well as French and international language collections, are available at the library for our students.

The Artist Studio

Our music room is well-stocked with instruments, and all children in grades two through eight are required to learn at least one musical instrument each semester. We also provide assistance to those interested in pursuing a career in vocal and/or instrumental music.


India’s economic development is heavily reliant on agriculture. However, in the country’s formal education system, this vital subject is frequently ignored. Our kids call the fields at CAGS “O-Farm,” where they sow, produce, and harvest a variety of vegetables, fruits, and exotic crops. O-produce from the Farm is fully organic, and it is consumed by students in the form of meals that they eat at school.

As part of our ‘One Child, One Tree’ initiative, each child plants a tree and cares for it throughout his or her time at the school. Students learn the fundamentals of agriculture in secondary school, and as they move through higher secondary school, they are introduced to new agricultural technologies such as organic farming, hydroculture, fogponics, and climate-smart agricultural techniques. Hands-on activities in the schools’ demonstration gardens provide them with skills in sustainable agriculture.