Life beyond Classroom

Thanks to the advancements in the world today, we must upgrade our education system to prepare our children for different possibilities. We strive to instil a progressive education model that equips children to thrive in the modern world using the right knowledge, skills and attitude. Thus, we cultivate the right mind frame to shape their career and build a better future for themselves and society.

At Cags, we create the best roadmap for our students. We indulge in advanced teaching solutions combined with fun to create curiosity to maximise their learning initiatives.

Co-curricular Activities and Performing Arts

Academic excellence isn’t enough if you want your child to succeed in today’s competitive world, which is why CAGS has developed a wide range of extracurricular activities. Children can choose from literature, music, dance, sports, visual arts and oratory skills as part of their education. Our special educators thoroughly train them in their chosen fields and ensure that they master multiple co-curricular activities by the end of their school life. We believe in the cultivation of creative expression for all-around development.


Living in a digital age, our children must be well-versed in important aspects of computer studies to ace in their careers. The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has recommended that students be taught coding to expose themselves to creativity, innovation and technology. Studying coding further enables them to develop problem-solving and analytical thinking abilities, which are important qualities to master. In collaboration with Google (CS First), we have designed a coding programme from Early Years to Class Seven.


Crimson Grooming and Etiquette Centre

Apart from academic excellence, educators must strive to groom children with life skills that promote a successful transition to professional life. Social and other skills help children develop positive relationships, enhance their self-esteem and boost their confidence to shape their character.

At CAGS, we have designed a Social Skills and Grooming Programme in collaboration with the Etiquette Institute of Washington (one of the only two US representatives of Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française and proud recipients of the 2018 Excellence in Service Award presented by AD Excellence of France). The programme focuses on:

We help build a strong first impression through social grace and grooming. Some of our modules include:

  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Netiquette (social media etiquette)
  • Business and Networking etiquette
  • Fine-dining etiquette
  • Basic etiquette in public places

Career Counselling

Recent studies show that one out of three students is dissatisfied with their university courses. This highlights the importance of career guidance and counselling. Crimson has designed a Career and Guidance Counselling Programme for the students of Class Nine to Twelve.

“Exploration”— our programme theme for the students of Class Nine and Ten – allows students to understand career options through Career workshops. For Class Eleven, we have a series of boot camps that enable students to build their profiles and finalise their degree choices.

In Class Twelve, we aid students with the application process to both local and foreign universities. Our counselling programme includes university fairs where leading institutions share information about their admission programmes and requirements with parents and students.


Physical education is an integral part of student learning at CAGS, as young people develop the skills of teamwork, collaboration, socialisation, strategising, time management and problem-solving through it. We have a large outdoor field for training students in football and athletics.

A separate area is dedicated for pre-primary students to learn through play.

Organic Farming

To inculcate an interest in agriculture, CAGS has developed a farming programme where students are taught about the water and soil level required to grow crops, the different stages of farming (from preparing the soil to sowing the seeds), farmer entrepreneurship and farmer appreciation.

21st Century Skills

Today, our students live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. They must] survive in an ever-transient and unfamiliar world, which is why they must be adept beyond domain- specific mathematics, science and humanities. The CAGS has designed a 21st-century skill course for the students from Class Eight to Twelve, with their syllabus comprising scientific writing, business communication (email etiquette), presentation skills, mind maps, note-taking and academic honesty.