CAGS No 1 Pre schools in Marunji

Mrs. Farzana Dohadwalla
Governing Board Member

Greetings from the School Governing Board, we would like to welcome you to our school website.

As a school we aim to follow the vision of our visionaries Late Mrs Usha Patil & Late Mr Aniruddha Patil. Our mission is to nurture each student to be future ready, with an Indian Ethos yet be internationally minded individuals as we live in a widely interconnected world.

We have begun our journey to make our schools NEP 2020 compliant. Thus, we take a holistic approach to education. We focus on all the varied aspects of our student’s development and not only academic enhancement.

From the Principal’s Desk

It gives me great privilege and pride to serve you as the Principal of Crimson Anisha Global School. The prime objective of our school is to focus on providing a platform for children to develop thinking skills, communication skills, social skills and self – management skills. Our school strongly believes in providing top quality education with strong emphasis on holistic growth of the child. I strongly believe that children should be able to innovate and think critically, our teachers will provide all the support required for this. To make learning better I strongly believe in using technology so that we will produce a generation of well informed and emotionally sound students. I assure all the parents that in times to come our school will continue its journey with all elevated enthusiasm and with determination to provide a platform for holistic learning to the young generation of learners.

Mr. David

Year of Inception


7 Acres


No of Students


  • Spacious Modern Classrooms
  • Art Room
  • Dance Room
  • Music Room
  • Library
  • Laboratories
  • Indoor Auditorium
  • Cafeteria

Sports Facilities

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Skating

Unique Facility

Classroom of the Future :

  • Robotics Minecraft
  • Organic Farm (O-Farm)



CAGS: Among the Best Pre-Schools in Marunji, Pune

Early education is one of the most important steps, and our exceptional preschool in Undri promises to make this the foundation

Early childhood education is the most important step in starting the journey of education, and we believe in making these initial steps memorable by providing quality education. Our preschool is recognized as the top choice among preschools in Marunji. 

Our preschool is not just a place of learning; it’s a sanctuary where the seeds of knowledge are sown with care. Recognized as the best among preschools in Marunji, we pride ourselves on a simple yet effective way to foster a love for learning in our little learners.

Our pre-school creates an atmosphere where curiosity thrives and creativity blossoms. We understand the unique needs of young minds and tailor our educational approach to ensure holistic development. More than just achieving academic milestones, we believe in instilling values in the minds of our little ones to make them responsible individuals. 

Our team of dedicated educators forms the backbone of our school. With a wealth of experience, they create a warm and supportive environment where children feel encouraged to explore, ask questions, and express themselves. As one of the top preschools in Marunji, we believe that the foundation of early education is not just about preparing for the next step but about instilling a lifelong love for learning.

Choosing our preschool means providing your child with an enriching and stimulating environment. Our classrooms are filled with laughter, joy, and the excitement of discovery. We go beyond traditional methods, incorporating fun-based learning to ensure that education is not just a task but a delightful adventure.

Enroll your little one in the best preschool in Marunji, where every child is valued and their potential is nurtured with care. Our preschool is not just an educational institution; it’s a community that celebrates the joy of learning. Join us as we begin this exciting educational journey, creating a foundation for a future filled with curiosity, knowledge, and endless possibilities.